How doctors can diversify their income

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What other methods have you diversified your income stream?

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5 thoughts on “How doctors can diversify their income

  1. Starting and owning businesses has worked for me. As has “health care investing” such as investing in imaging centers, labs, surgery centers, hospitals, etc. Invest in what you know.

    1. True. Surgical centers and imaging centers/urgent care center can be huge income streams for doctors. Wish I could find one to invest in.

        1. Good suggestion. We’d been looking into this over the past two years. The toughest part is gauging need to open a new facility and then going through the insurance plans. In our market, there are only a handful of big players in healthcare, and many of the capitated plans tend to lock out smaller groups from getting onto the insurance plans. With a surgical facility, you have to be in network in order to get patients.

  2. I’ve been reading your articles as a way to prepare my sister for life post med-school. Have you looked into getting a financial advisor? I work with other financial advisors and there is an additional section under Passive Income that only actual financial advisors ever tell their clients about or have access to depending on what companies they work for. If you are interested, I can refer you to one. There is no charge as we are running a National Campaign for Financial Literacy and want the public to be as informed as possible. Let me know!

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