Pros and cons of a female physician spouse

Two physician households or two high-income professional households are becoming more common. In fact some of you may be considering a relationship with someone in your line of work. We have a pros and cons list of two-physician households written from the perspective of a female physician. Beware, some of these bullet points are written tongue-in-cheek, but may have some validity.

Advantages of being married to a female physician

  1. Work ethic. If both spouses are physicians, then you will understand that schedules are unpredictable. More understanding that if you don’t come home for dinner because of an emergency or meeting.
  2. Financial stability. What if your HMO practice cuts your job? You still have a doctor wife with good income to fall back on.
  3. She might be too busy to shop or spend extra money.
  4. If you are married to a surgeon, you may have a handi(woman) in the house! More projects and DIY!


Disadvantages of being married to a female physician


  1. Little to no housework and chores are going to be done. Your spouse will be busy. That might translate into less order to the house or fewer meals at home.
  2. She might have a higher taste for expensive clothes, meals, vacations simply because she also has a good income.
  3. From a purely tax standpoint, a two person working income will end up paying two sets of payroll and Medicare taxes. For instance, two people earning $150,000 apiece will end up paying more taxes than one person earning $300,000. Obviously having the income to pay higher taxes still translates to a higher income overall.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Would you marry a female surgeon? Sound out below!

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